We need help from engaged parents all over the world to build our community. 

This is your opportunity to help build an educational environment for kids to learn about and connect with different peoples and cultures from all around the world. 

Kids will learn about new people and places from locals like yourself.

We need you to show us what life is like where you live! 

Anyone can do it! There is no need for video experience. 

All you need is a smartphone or camera and access to the internet.


Simply record your video clips and send them to us. 

We'll take care of everything else!


Topics can include food, recreation, hobbies, holidays/traditions, nature, sports, animals...

If it helps us see how you live, we want to see it!

See a full list of topic ideas below

You could also start by simply asking your child: “What’s something we could take a video of to show kids in other countries what it’s like to live where we live?”

Then let your child’s imagination and interests lead the way!

STEP 2 - record the video

Recording a video might seem intimidating, but it’s easier than you think!

Here is a quick checklist to follow. A smartphone works great!

1920 x 1080 Resolution (1).png

Here are a few guidelines to make sure your video has everything it needs:

  • Your video stars a kid(s) age 6-12. The kid(s) share their name, what country they’re from, and whether they're visiting the country or living there. DO NOT share your city name or any other personal information!

  • Your video features a topic about your culture or home country.

  • Your video is creative and personal (You’ll find ideas below if you need help!)

  • Your video has a fun call to action at the end like this: “I loved telling you about my favorite food, enchiladas. What’s your favorite food from where you live? Make a video and send it to”

  • Your video is 2-3 minutes long.

  • You've asked permission before recording someone else’s face.

  • If your child does not speak English, that’s okay! Just type out what they say in English and we’ll add the subtitles.​

  • You've removed all music, branding, and other promotional video features, including video intros.

  • You submit the original video files, NOT an edited version. We'll edit it for you!

Step 3 - Submit your video

Please follow the instructions carefully to ensure your video is uploaded correctly:

  1. Hit the “Submit a video” button

  2. Fill in the requested information 

  3. Hit “get your upload link”

  4. Select the video file/s to upload

  5. Wait for the file/s to upload

*IMPORTANT! Do not close your browser window until Dropbox confirms that your upload is complete!* 


That's it!

After you submit your video, we'll make a few edits, which include adding a title and improving the audio quality. Then we’ll publish it to our platform. 


What should my video be about?

Get creative! Your kids will have fun ideas of things to do and share. Here are some ideas to get the wheels turning:

  • My Favorite Thing

    • Let your child pick a favorite part of their culture or home country (animal, food, holiday, etc.) and have them tell us why it’s their favorite

  • Top 3

    • If picking a favorite thing is too hard, have your child tell us their Top 3-5 favorites

    • Example: Top 3 favorite holidays, Top 3 favorite things about where they live, etc.

  • Family Favorites

    • In addition to your child telling us their favorite thing, they can also ask their family members and record their responses on video.

    • Example: “My favorite sport is football, let’s see what my family’s favorite sports are. Mom, what is your favorite sport? Brother, what is your favorite sport?...” etc.

  • Do-It-Yourself/How-To

    • Let your child show us how they do something, and invite other kids to do it too

    • Example: teach us how to make a meal or play a sport

  • Share a Story

    • Stories are what connect us, let your child tell us a story

    • Example: a trip to the park, or a time they danced for a cultural event

  • Fun Facts

    • Let your child share something they think is interesting or something they learned about the topic

Keep in mind -- finding something that is relatively unique to your home country/region will be most engaging. Here are some ideas:
  • Customs/Traditions/Holidays

    • What are some important words and phrases or mannerisms people frequently use that communicate something about your culture? 

    • What specific character traits do people value in your country? E.g. Everyone in my country knows that ______ is important. 

    • Which holidays are popular where you live? What do people do to celebrate and why? 

  • Music/Dance/Art

    • What is traditional music where you live? Can your child sing a traditional song?

    • Have your child show us some traditional music, dancing, or art from your country and explain the history and culture behind it.

  • Clothing

    • What types of clothing are special in your country/region? What do kids wear on a regular basis? What do they wear for special occasions? 

  • Food

    • What does your kid eat every day? What are some of their favorite foods? Ask your kid to explain why they like them. Have them show how they help make it. Why is it special to them and their culture?

  • Sports/Games

    • Are there sports or children’s games that are unique to where you live? Which are most popular for kids where you live?

  • Nature/Geography

    • If you visit a nature area or park that is unique to your country, show us and have your child explain why it is special/interesting or famous in your country.

  • Wildlife

    • What kinds of animals/plants are unique to your part of the world? When does your kid see them? Can you show us?

  • City Life

    • Have your child explain things in your city that are special to your country. How do people get around in the city? What do kids do for fun there? What is the city’s history, and why is it important?​​​​

  • Religion

    • Do you practice a specific religion where you live? What do you do? What does it look like to worship? What are some sacred places in your culture?

Example videos


Remember, we'll take care of all of the edits like titles and text.