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give your kids the cultural experience
of a lifetime

KidCulture is an insanely fun way to teach kids about world geography and cultures so they can grow in awareness, understanding and confidence!

Cultural Discovery, Delivered Monthly

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expand your child's perspective

Our country expeditions immerse kids in world cultures through a healthy balance of physical and digital experiences that connect them with people across the globe. Here's what to expect when you sign up:

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our philosophy

Fun. Simple. Safe. Impactful.

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Parents Love it

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Erika - U.S.A.

"I feel like KidCulture helps children see the world as a whole...I also see this program having an impact on the culture of kindness and the way that we treat others."

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"It's so great when my kids come up to me with new words that they've learned in Russian or new insights they've gained from learning what life is like in Kiribati or Tanzania"

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"Since my daughter joined KidCulture she's grown so much. She used to be very shy and quiet, and now she's gained so much confidence."

Daniella - Australia

Meriska - south africa

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