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KidCulture combines education, entertainment, and social connection in a unique way that immerses kids in world cultures through videos and activities, helping them develop greater compassion and empathy.


Kids also increase their creativity and self-expression by contributing their own content in a safe and healthy environment that's uniquely built specifically for young people.

purpose-driven online activity

Kids today have few options for healthy online engagement. We're providing a safer and more meaningful option that's driven by a concrete purpose: learning about world cultures.


You won't find any advertisements, likes, comments, or followers here. All content is screened and edited to be as educational, meaningful, and high-quality as possible.

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for kids, by kids
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Kids are naturally curious and creative. When given the right space and a little bit of direction, they'll create amazing things. 

Our approach is simple: empower kids around the world to teach each other about their way of life. Creating and sharing this kind of content builds kids' empathy, compassion, and curiosity about people who don't look, talk, or act like them.

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