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Matroyshka Dolls

Watch this video and learn more about the famous Russian Matroyshka dolls!

Learn Russian Words

Watch this video and learn how to say five words in Russian!



This Russian food is so popular that it is served in almost every cafe in Eastern Europe! Syrinki is made with a special homemade cheese called Tvorog, or farmer's cheese (you can use drained cottage cheese as a substitute). The cheese makes the outside crispy and the inside warm and creamy. Enjoy this dish for breakfast or dessert!


Do you have a comfort food—one that fills you with happy memories of home? For many Russians, piroshki is a true comfort food. These stuffed rolls can be filled with savory meat, fish, egg, or vegetables. But they can also be filled with fruit and served sweet. This recipe is a savory one that is sure to fill you with warm, happy feelings!


Paper Cup Matryoshka Dolls

Matryoshka nesting dolls are a famous symbol of Russia. The word Matryoshka means “little matron” and is a form of the word “mother” in Russian. Inside this “little mother” doll, you find all of her children. In Russian culture, Matryoshka dolls show the importance of a mother in the family. Over the years, craftsmen have made matryoshka dolls with different themes, such as animals, famous people, and even robots! Follow these instructions to create your own paper cup Matryoshka nesting dolls.



Do you like to solve puzzles? The Russian computer engineer Alexey Pajitnov loved puzzles so much that he created a computer game based on his favorite puzzle he played with as a child. He called the game Tetris, and it is one of the most famous computer games in the world! Create your own Tetris game out of paper and solve the puzzle the way Alexey Pajitnov did as a child.


Alexei Understands His Feelings

Alexei is a boy from Saratov, Russia who loves the theater. In this guided meditation, Alexei has a part in his community play and is feeling nervous about his performance that night. Find a comfortable place to relax, close your eyes and listen to the story. Like Alexei, you can come to understand and name the feelings in your body.



This book list will help you explore Russia's culture through picture books. Read the summary with your kids to help you decide which books to read. Find the books below at your public library or online.

Kidculture Journal questions help your child reflect on what they learn as they read. Journal entries can be adapted to a younger age by having the child draw or explain their answers to an adult.

Click a book below to see more!


Enjoy three Russian folktales!

Note: stories from third parties may contain ads

Sadko And The Sea


The Rooster in the Sky


The Months Of The Year

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