Kidculture philosophy

Why we do things the way we do

We use research to guide everything we do and to make sure our experience is safe, meaningful, and effective. Read about our approach to different topics below.


Kids need online spaces free from advertisements. Period.


All of the content on KidCulture is driven by our commitment to representation, co-creation, purpose, and moderation.

Data and Privacy

We place a high value on your child’s privacy and we will never sell their data to advertisers.


Our unique map-based interface is designed to give kids a more immersive and educational experience.


Safety is a major reason we started KidCulture. We desperately want more kids to have more safe spaces online. We are absolutely committed to protecting all users of our app.

Screen Time

As parents of children ourselves, we are acutely aware of the pain and challenges that come with navigating kids’ screen time. The amount of time kids spend on screens and what they do online is important. KidCulture is not just another app. We deliver a variety of off-screen activities for kids and families to do offline.