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Our unique map-based interface is designed to give kids a more immersive and educational experience.


1. Context and Connection

By using a map, we help kids connect every video and off-screen activity to a geographic location. This way they are not only building connections with kids in other countries, they're also A) learning geography, and B) connecting each video to its cultural origins in the world.

2. Control

Our map gives kids more control by letting them
A) see more existing content and
B) choose what they want to watch themselves instead of being lured down a rabbit hole of videos by clickbaity thumbnails and manipulative algorithms.
YouTube video sidebars and social media feeds inherently limit a kid's view of available content. Instead of finding and choosing the content they want, sophisticated algorithms recommend content that someone else has decided is relevant to them. This means that the vast majority of content is out of sight and therefore difficult to access. In contrast, our app is designed to let kids explore world cultures on their own. At KidCulture, kids’ innate curiosity is the guide!

3. Education

Because our map is organised by country, the interface lets parents and kids intentionally structure their use of the platform for specific educational purposes. For instance, it allows parents and educators the flexibility to use our platform to teach kids about specific countries and connect our content to their educational needs.

Our map helps kids see the bigger picture - the connection we all share as humans on Earth!

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