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online kid-to-kid cultural education

Helping kids become more culturally understanding and socially proficient so they can thrive in a globally integrated world. 

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the power of cultural awareness

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KidCulture combines education and entertainment in a unique way that immerses kids in world cultures through videos and activities.


As kids increase their cultural awareness, they develop the ability to cooperate and empathize with others while increasing their own confidence and self-expression.

for kids, by kids

Kids are naturally curious and creative. When given the right space and a little bit of direction, they'll create amazing things. 

Our approach is simple: let kids tell their own stories to teach each other about their way of life. This kind of content is relevant and interesting to kids and builds empathy, compassion, and curiosity about people who don't look, talk, or act like them.

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Simple and engaging

Every kid has their own profile and personalized experience. Using simple gamification that fuels personal accomplishment, KidCulture is a fun and engaging experience that will help kids grow. Parents and teachers participate with visibility into what each kid is learning and accomplishing. 

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