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why Cultural education matters for kids

identity and belonging

Awareness of other cultures increases kids’ awareness of their own culture, helping them form their own identity and gain a greater sense of belonging and acceptance


increased respect

When kids are more aware of others’ values and motivations, they have more respect for their way of life and are less likely to criticize or mistreat them

Greater empathy and unity

Increased awareness of cultural differences leads to greater empathy and unity. Kids who understand others will better relate with people of different backgrounds and feel more comfortable making cross-cultural friendships


why now

A Globalized world

Globalization continues to bring people of different cultures together like never before. Conflict and misunderstanding are on the rise. 

Preparing kids

Kids need to be able to embrace others and develop healthy relationships with those who come from different backgrounds.

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Authentic kid-to-kid cultural content

Parents Love kidculture

Parent Testimonial Graphic.png

Erika - U.S.A.

"I feel like KidCulture helps children see the world as a whole...I also see this program having an impact on the culture of kindness and the way that we treat others."

Parent Testimonial Graphic.png

"It's so great when my kids come up to me with new words that they've learned in Russian or new insights they've gained from learning what life is like in Kiribati or Tanzania"

Parent Testimonial Graphic.png

"Since my daughter joined KidCulture she's grown so much. She used to be very shy and quiet, and now she's gained so much confidence."

Daniella - Australia

Meriska - south africa

Want to teach your kids about World cultures?

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