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KidCulture is an app with interactive courses that teach kids about world cultures so that they become more understanding, respectful, and confident.

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cultural education for kids

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cultural awareness course

In KidCulture's debut course, kids explore 10 different countries each comprised of 8 lessons. Lessons contain engaging learning activities that nurture kids minds, hearts, and hands. The course comes with an activity book to for valuable off-screen learning and a sticker map with mailed stickers recognize their achievement.

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Parents Love it

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Erika - U.S.A.

"I feel like KidCulture helps children see the world as a whole...I also see this program having an impact on the culture of kindness and the way that we treat others."

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"It's so great when my kids come up to me with new words that they've learned in Russian or new insights they've gained from learning what life is like in Kiribati or Tanzania"

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"Since my daughter joined KidCulture she's grown so much. She used to be very shy and quiet, and now she's gained so much confidence."

Daniella - Australia

Meriska - south africa

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