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Show your students the world 

KidCulture is a uniquely powerful school program that teaches kids about world geography, cultures, and traditions.

global Discovery, right inside the classroom

Open-and-go country expeditions are easy for teachers to administer with zero preparation required and can be completed independently by students who can go at their own pace

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expand your students' perspectives

KidCulture immerses students in world cultures with a healthy balance of on and off-screen learning experiences and authentic content created by kids from around the world 

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our philosophy

Fun. Simple. Safe. Impactful.

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Parents Love it

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Erika - U.S.A.

"I feel like KidCulture helps my kids see the world as a whole...I also see this program having an impact on the culture of kindness and the way that we treat others."

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"It's so great when my kids come up to me with new words that they've learned in Russian or new insights they've gained from learning what life is like in Kiribati or Tanzania."

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"Since I started using KidCulture, my students have surprised me with what they are learning. Teaching about diversity and the human race has never been easier."

Daniella - Australia

Meriska - south africa

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