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Safety is a major reason we started KidCulture. We desperately want more kids to have more safe spaces online. We are absolutely committed to protecting all users of our app.


Access to KidCulture is currently on an invitation-only basis. This means that for anyone to access the app, they must be referred directly by someone else. This enables us to build KidCulture as an intentional community of like minded parents throughout the world-- bringing together people committed to our unique mission. It also significantly reduces the potential for strangers to seek out videos with other purposes in mind.

We are currently building state of the art user authentication tools to ensure that we verify every user’s identity before they can join the KidCulture community.

To ensure we protect children on our app, we use the following guidelines. First, we collect a minimum amount of information possible from our users--this is limited to a child’s first name and the country in which they live. Second, we actively discourage parents and children from sharing personal information in their videos. During our video review process, we look for any personal identifying information and carefully remove it. This includes things like visible license plate numbers on cars, home addresses, and verbal mention of the specific location where a child lives. Our goal is to remove absolutely everything that could, in any way, potentially allow someone to directly contact a kid featured in a video on our site. Third, we encourage everyone who submits content to our site to 1) ask for their child’s permission before submitting the video to give them the opportunity to give consent, and 2) to ask for permission before recording someone else’s face as a matter of respect and courtesy.

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