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Data and Privacy

We place a high value on your child’s privacy and we will never sell their data to advertisers.

Data and Privacy

Our business model is fundamentally different from social media and many education apps. Most apps and websites are driven by the collection and sale of personal information. That’s how they make money. We, the app users, are literally their product. Because KidCulture relies on monthly subscription fees, we don’t need to collect vast amounts of user data to sustain our business.

We collect two primary forms of data: analytical data on how users interact with our app and the information users provide when they submit a video.

The analytical data we collect about how users engage with our app includes things like which videos people watch most often, which countries they’re visiting, and which features and parts of the app they are using more than others. We collect this data solely to improve your user experience. This data is stored privately, kept completely confidential, and never sold to anyone.

The other data we collect is the information you provide when you submit a video. Our first principle is to collect the minimum amount of information possible from our users. When you submit a video of your kid to KidCulture we only ask that you provide your name, email address, and the country in which you live. We do not partner with third-party services to track your activity outside of our app, nor do we allow such services to access the data you have provided.

We abide by existing privacy laws designed to protect children, including the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA for short). This means we need parental permission to use any content featuring anyone under the age of 13 years old. Everyone who submits content to our site agrees to our terms and conditions, which include parental permission to post their child’s video as well as other copyright-related permissions.

Finally, we follow ongoing legal developments nationally and internationally. This includes close attention to advances in children’s digital rights initiatives, government policy developments, tech and media industry changes, and the latest academic research.

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