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All of the content on KidCulture is driven by our commitment to representation, co-creation, purpose, and moderation.


We follow the principle ‘Nothing About Us Without Us.’ Everyone should be able to tell their own story, rather than having someone else tell it for them. Kids should have the opportunity to learn about world cultures directly from kids living those cultures. This will help them see and appreciate different perspectives on life and develop greater curiosity, respect, and empathy. By empowering kids to tell their own stories, we also give them the opportunity to reflect on their own cultural heritage, values, and life experiences. Representation matters greatly.

We co-create videos with kids from around the world. We give kids and their parents/caregivers a structure and some basic guidelines, and then let them express themselves how they see fit. This way, we empower kids to tell their own stories and connect with other kids everywhere. After we receive video clips, we make minor edits to enhance the overall quality. These edits include improving the audio, adding text on screen, and creating an introduction to the video--all of which combine to make each video more educational and valuable to parents.

We seek to incorporate social and emotional learning into our content. Social and emotional learning is aimed at helping kids develop the self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, and decision-making abilities that are vital to their future success. We do this by continually encouraging kids to reflect on their own life experiences and take the perspective of others.

In contrast to social media, all KidCulture content is driven by a concrete purpose: to learn about world cultures. This fundamental purpose informs our decision to not have any likes, comments, followers, and recommendation algorithms. Our goal is not to simply connect kids, but to facilitate connections that are authentic, meaningful, and educational. Parents and kids join KidCulture because they want to be part of our intentional community.

Our team carefully reviews all content before it’s posted, to ensure it follows our community guidelines. Rather than letting people post things instantly, as with other social media platforms, our approach allows us to prevent harmful content from being published in the first place, instead of seeking to remove it afterward.

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