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Blockhead: The Life of Fibonacci

Author: Joseph D’agnese
Age Recommendation: 6+

Blockhead: The Life of Fibonacci

Leonardo Fibonacci grew up in medieval Italy. He loved thinking about numbers so much that he didn’t always pay attention to other things happening around him. His classmates at school even called him “blockhead.” But as Leonardo grew, so did his love for math. He visited other countries and was inspired to see how numbers were used in each place. He then realized that there are patterns of numbers in nature, too! The pattern he discovered is now called the Fibonacci Sequence, and mathematicians and artists still use it today.

Kidculture Journal Questions

Fibonacci loved numbers. What is something you absolutely love?

Fibonacci was teased by his friends and neighbors because he was different. Have you ever seen someone being teased? Even though you are a kid, you can help stop teasing from happening! What can you do to protect someone from being teased and bullied? How can you help someone feel better if they've been teased and bullied?

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