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Using Your Right Hand

Learn about how Italians use hand gestures to communicate.



In Ghana, Jollof rice is served at every gathering – sometimes in a pot so big that two people have to carry it into the party! Each country in West Africa has a version of Jollof that they claim as the very best. Differences in the type of rice, oil, vegetables, spices, and meat affect the taste of each version of Jollof.  The competition for the best Jollof sets countries apart, but it also brings them together. This recipe comes from a Ghanaian family who loves to gather with friends and family to dance, laugh, and eat Jollof!

 Fried Plantain Chips

For a sweet, tasty snack on the go, try plantain chips!  In Ghana, plantains are cooked many ways and served with a variety of dishes. Simple fried plantain chips like these can be found in Ghanaian grocery stores or purchased from street vendors. In Maggie’s KidCulture video, she shows how she makes this yummy snack at her house. Now you can try making them at home too!


Adrinka Stamping

The colors and symbols that make up the beautiful patterns on traditional Ghanaian fabrics are rich with meaning. The Ashanti people of Ghana use Adinkra symbols on cloth, buildings, jewelry, and other handicrafts to tell a story or to symbolize things that are important to them. Adinkra cloth makers use stamps carved from gourds and mounted on sticks. In this activity, you’ll learn about some Adinkra symbols and then make your own foam stamps to create a pattern inspired by Ghanaian Adinkra cloth. Your unique pattern will represent something important to you!



Pilolo is just one of many fun games that children play together in Ghana. Pilolo means “time to search for,” so get ready to search, find, and run!


Francesca And Gabrieli Meditate

This guided meditation features a story about a girl named Francesca and a boy named Gabriele who live in Almalfi, Italy. Their Nonna Claudia helps the family relax after dinner by leading them through a whole body relaxation exercise. Find a quiet place to lay or sit down so you can enjoy Nonna Claudia’s relaxation too!



This book list will help you explore Ghana's culture through picture books. Read the summaries with your kids to help you decide which books to read. Find the books below at your public library or online.

KidCulture Journal Questions help your child reflect on what they learn as they read. Journal entries can be adapted to a younger age by having the child draw their answers or explain them to an adult.

Click a book below to see more!


Enjoy two Ghanaian folktales!

Note: stories from third parties may contain ads

The Perfect Partnership


Leopard's Rhythm

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