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Cultural Education for Kids

Content and activities that help kids become more culturally minded, understanding, and socially proficient so they can thrive in a globally integrated world.

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product overview

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explorer app

The Explorer ap lets kids explore the world with fun, educational videos and activities of local kids sharing aspects of their daily life and culture.

Kids pick the countries they want to explore and go at their own pace.

online cultural awareness course

The online Cultural Awareness course is a guided experience with specific learning outcomes.

Kids will explore 10 different countries, each with 8 lessons. The lessons focus on various topics, from geography and languages to daily life. Guided by our whole child philosophy, every lesson incorporates several different learning activities aimed at building kids' cultural intelligence and character.

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why kidculture

our diverse world

Globalization and the internet are bringing people of different backgrounds, values, and beliefs together like never before while conflict and misunderstanding are on the rise. 

our mission

To help kids thrive in our globally integrated world, creating a place that is kinder, more understanding and open-minded.

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our philosophy

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Parents Love it

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Erika - U.S.A.

"I feel like KidCulture helps children see the world as a whole...I also see this program having an impact on the culture of kindness and the way that we treat others."

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"It's so great when my kids come up to me with new words that they've learned in Russian or new insights they've gained from learning what life is like in Kiribati or Tanzania"

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"Since my daughter joined KidCulture she's grown so much. She used to be very shy and quiet, and now she's gained so much confidence."

Daniella - Australia

Meriska - south africa

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want to teach your kids about world cultures?

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